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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions And Answers

How Do I Cancel Before My 3 Months is Up?
You cannot cancel once your order is placed, however, you may cancel before your subscription starts again to avoid billing for another 3 months, contact support @ canyoncrestguide@gmail.com.

How To Cancel After My 3 Months is Up?
Contact support @ canyoncrestguide@gmail.com before your 3 month billing starts again.

How Do I Continue My Ads Past My 3 Month Subscription?
contact support @ canyoncrestguide@gmail.com to continue your ad or place a larger or smaller ad.

Can I Change From 3 Months To 6 Or 12 Months?
Yes! contact support @ canyoncrestguide@gmail.com for subscription changes.

What is Your Refund Policy?
Once your order has been placed, we do not offer refunds, there is a lot that goes on in the background that makes it impossible to stop your order, from printing to distribution.
Please decide carefully before you order and contact support if you have questions, canyoncrestguide@gmail.com.

Do I Get A Copy of The Newspaper Sent To My Business?
Yes, simply let us know where you would like a copy sent to.

Where is The Newspaper Distributed To Just Canyon Crest?
Yes, only the Canyon Crest area at this time, we should have a newspaper stand soon in front of Ralph’s in the Canyon Crest Town Center.

Any question contact us @ canyoncrestguide@gmail.com, and thank you for your continued support of our local newspaper and all the businesses in and around Canyon Crest and Riverside.



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